Actual funny things Opie did?



Out of all the things I thought I would be doing tonight, trolling a pedophiles ex girlfriend online was funny and unexpected.


Faggot tried to hijack Opies thread for attention and got ass raped by us. You think he learned to take the L and shut the fuck up or do you think he's going to keep going? He might just be smart enough to put a lid on this until it blows over, but I doubt it.


Oh he is? Hey @BenDovid I had a conversation with your dad when you were in the nuthouse. I figure since you'll never hear from him again, you'd want to read the kind things he said about you.

Do you want me to post it?
He's too busy reading and not responding because he knows if he responds that I won and made my point.

How about it sweetheart? It's been two hours. Can you keep your kike faggot yap shut while we're running you down, or do you have to get the last word and prove us all right? We all know you're reading this.
No, I didn't brag about it. It was an example of how the Maresca's funneled money out of him. That was the only time anything like that happened. When I'm at his house drinking beers, I'm supposed to drop a $20 before I head out? Fuck you.

Sure, or you could have brought some with you? That’s how friends work. Could you imagine your boss opens his home to you, gives you his food and booze and surely anything else you’d want (I.E. pussy, if you were capable of getting it up), and your response is “What was I supposed to do, chip in? Fuck you.” THEN looking down on the other vultures doing the exact same thing as you? At least Keith didn’t pretend to be Ant’s buddy while he was ripping him off.
I don't know what's in your head but what was there to mooch? Expired frozen food? Grilled hot dogs? Seven Bud Lites? The majority of you make it sounds like you've never known what it's like to have friends.
I’ve had friends who come over and mooch my booze and food before. They didn’t stay my friend for long because it’s a real piece of shit move. I guess I should be thankful they didn’t immediately rat me out to the cops over months-old shit like a little bitch.

The Talking Dead

I'm close to death! Hahahaha hooooooly shit!!
You couldn't afford my lifestyle, honey.

Honey? Had to check the account to make sure it was actually you and not the guy impersonating you. Jesus you get more embarrassing all the time. Broke, bitter little kike. Keep obsessing about people you worked with 15 years ago who never ever think about you.

Hudson Margera-Hughes

Heyyyy, HELLHOLE ADLsters...
He acts like mooching off of the count and living high off the hog like he's his girlfriend doesn't count for Nana paying for anything.

How much money do you think that kike put into the nightly drunken party fund at the mcmansion? At best a penny for every dollar Nana spent.
"At best a penny for every dollar Nana spent."

Even that's being generous. Highly unlikely. Jews don't spend pennies, they hoard them.