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WWAW quitting your job with no notice


Glow nigger. Got any of those IPs for me?
I've seen guys not make their probation at the new jobsite and then be refused rehiring for burning the bridge on the way out. Only do it if you would never go back no matter what.
I'm definitely burning the bridge anyway because I'm stiffing them on relo. I'm taking the chance they won't sue for the couple grand I would owe.
If you work in an industry where everybody knows everybody, don't. I'm in that sort of field and if I effed over my employer, it'd work its way through the grapevine within days, especially among HR cunts.
Luckily a different industry. Still manufacturing but far enough removed because it's food instead of what my current dump makes


Kill a commie for mommy, awright
Only do it if you would never go back no matter what.
Ive only done it twice and this was the main reason why. One was a shitty retail job and I’m pretty sure the managers didn’t really care that I quit like that. The other was a job I hated but I was making really good money, and I realized I had to burn that bridge so I could never fall back to working there again.
Depends on the industry. I work in a corporate sales role and I still sometimes can’t believe how many people know each other and how easily your name can be socialized, for better or for worse. I fucking despise most of my douchebag coworkers and most managers but I always smile and accommodate them on the way out through gritted teeth.


Glow nigger. Got any of those IPs for me?
It seems cool in the little movie in your head, but you'll just be remembered as annoying.

I remember starting a job and being told the guy before me went to lunch one day and never came back. I'm sure he has his reasons, but I remember thinking this man is a bitch.
Had a guy do that to me. Went to the bathroom and never came back. I started the bad habit of calling everyone junior until I knew they'd stick around. (Retarded)

Your other point makes sense though. Thank you for the counter perspective.


Glow nigger. Got any of those IPs for me?
Everyone should quit with no nptice at least once in their life. Its a great feeling.
This one would be worth it. They have a 40 million dollar project that relies on me heavily. Last day would be a month before it starts and when I checked out I stopped documenting things. Guy has screwed up a lot and I stopped caring about trying to fix them. We have Corp resources we can pull in to help but he's alienated them by cursing them out. It's going to go really bad unless I stay and save it. If I stay the 2 weeks they'll try and make me brain dump to salvage it.