White wahmen hate thread


RIP OJ: the good always die young ❤️


Making fun of women is my bit

To be fair, her depression has indeed been cured.
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Feminism, lyke, it's totes awesome, ya know? It's not 'bout hating dudes or, lyke, makin' 'em wear pink tutus. Nah, it's all 'bout fair play and equel rites, like everyone gettin' a fair slice of the pizza 🍕. Girls can be scientists, CEOs, or even superheroes if they want, and feminism's like, "Yeah, go get 'em, girl!" It's 'bout smashin' dose glass ceilings and lettin' everyone shine, no matter what's in their pants 👖. So, lyke, feminism's all 'bout spreadin' love, equality, and sparkles everywhere! ✨


I'll never forget when a black woman helped pay for my food in a cafe in Harlem because I didn't have enough cash. Me, a pasty ass white guy, on the receiving end of a random act of kindness by a black lady in HARLEM. She was one of those "oh honey child" black women.

A modern white woman would never do that for someone. The extent of her "good samaritan" work involves raising money for refugees. Cunts.
Fuckin bum. Why don't you get off the kratom?