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I warned Boq, I gave him a chance to atone for his sassy shitposting, but he rebuked my private offer with a Colin reaction


This was found when he was making bragging posts about being given a fake diploma from the University of Guelph.
It is his graduation ceremony that he was accidentally invited to.

BEHOLD his sassiness at the presenter trying to read his name
BEHOLD, Boq-precision AKA Wisconsin.gov AKA New Jersey.gov AKA Robert 's FULL NAME

timestamp at 1:14:22

Robert Charles Rhemburlakbar Bruhnsen or something
Does it matter that the ceremony is in October 2012, but the degree was granted February 2012? Wait 8 months for ceremony? Or am I mistaken?


Nobody "laughs" at me for free...they pay prices
Does it matter that the ceremony is in October 2012, but the degree was granted February 2012? Wait 8 months for ceremony? Or am I mistaken?
Surely someone who photoshops their grandma's manual to be a newer year and photoshopped the photos of the graduation dox would never think of altering the date. Especially not someone who larps as a HUMINT genius.

Turk February

Our experiences exceed yours.
Trash <--- none of these would get me tossed from a balcony tho tbh... in Ancient Rome too, you would be burned at the stake before me. Bro, whole cities were condemned to destruction based on your inklings. Log off.

Let me catch you alone (in Minecraft).
why are you so harsh on yourself?