ninkaas ayaa la qarxiyay taasi waa qosol
Reminder: Boq refuses to interact with me because he's afraid of my vibes checks and how i dunk on him every time.

He won't respond to this post because he has me on ignore, since he is a coward
He's a meek baby boy. He gives away what bothers him by his reactions so he can't even read our 100% accurate vibe checks anymore, for fear of making a mistake


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If true then that’s good and impressive but you really shouldn’t care what strangers online believe. Being humble is more important and admirable than being brash and proud, even if it’s warranted

Homeboy talking about being humble and not caring about what online strangers believe.

Like he didn't buy a $1000 warhammer chair and then immediately login to brag about being so rich he can make frivolous purchases like this.

HH Brother

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