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Betsy Resto's case

Burner Email

мій тато не гей, хлопче
Additional text:
Judge Hannah C. Dugan presiding in Branch 31.
Court Reporter: Joan Butz on the DAR.

Plaintiff appears by Kendrick Yandell.
Defendant appears by Brian C. Spahn and Brinton J. Resto.

Matter in Court for hearing on Plaintiff's Motion to Strike and for Default Judgment and request for attorneys fees.
Parties meet in Chambers off the record.

On the record:
As to the Motion to Strike: Arguments by Mr. Yandell. Response arguments by Mr. Resto. Rebuttal argument by Mr. Yandell. Court asks questions of counsel.
As to the Motion for Default Judgment: Arguments by Mr. Yandell. Response arguments by Mr. Resto. Court asks questions of counsel. Rebuttal arguments by Mr. Yandell.
The Court will take the arguments and briefs under advisement and will issue a decision before the next status conference. Mr. Yandell moved to withdraw his motion for attorneys fees and will file a proposed order.

Matter set for Status Conference on June 2, 2023 at 1:30 p.m. in Branch 31, via ZOOM

June 2nd bros!


Stand Alone Fruit
What was the case again? Defamation right? She was telling everyone some guy was a rapist or sexual predator yet nobody would admit he did anything to them? I remember she was asking for people to come forward then called everyone a bunch of bitches because nobody came forward. Her legal fee go fund me made a grand total of i believe 10 bucks.


Stand Alone Fruit
Her FB has been pretty quiet as of late


Also her “Furniture Don” business page hasn’t posted anything since Feb 21. The page doesn’t even have their hours since she can’t be bothered to wake up and open the doors.