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The image of two greasy Italians from Boomia Collections Inc. showing up on Pat's doorstep in undershirts with baseball bats and beating the fuckin shit out of him before towing away Susan and taking all his toys as payment will never not be funny to me and I wish it happened. You're right though.

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I just think we’re getting ahead of ourselves, whoever he’s going to cap in hand would appreciate being told about this now so they can simply pay what it is as of today in California then watch it balloon up massively even more again.

It’s so fucking retarded I can’t understand it, he’s seen what’s going to happen in a couple of years and he still is allowing it to happen, it’s insane. It will be even worse next time with the case history that’s developed. Dudes a fat retsrd.
"I get to win for 9 months as I tell the stalkers that Quasi will never get paid and then all interest/consequences of those actions are going to be paid by some other person? I'm in."

-Pat "The Shithead" Tomlinson logic

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throwing one of these as Mr Gibney goes on and on about chlorophyll


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Can someone explain that to me? After the Judge explained his decision, Mayr literally said "yes your honor, I agree". Rick is paying lawyers to just show up fatly? Rick could have done that Pro Se. He's got experience now from his first pro se motion.

Quasi was awarded everything except the abstract of judgement this is needed to domesticate the debt to WI
This was denied several times by the court clerk when Krich filed them (either postal or electronically)

The appeal against the dismissal was just a hindu trick to get in front of the judge and ask for the abstract of judgement to be issued because the court clerk is a retard and all this can go away. Manoukian could see that the debt is good for 10 years and valid in cali etc. then stated that there is no reason why quasi shouldn't have the abstraction.

Rodders was there to argue against the dismissal being reversed because it was filed after 6 months (the deadline). Which after Krich opening arguments was completely moot. After that all he could do was agree with the judge.
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That way he can tell everybody at the next writer symposium at Gencon how he bravely fought to the bitter end and just as they were dragging him to jail he outsmarted them all
I would kill to be in his group of 'friends' (who also hate him) when he's explaining his side of the story with lie after lie after lie. Imagine sitting there hearing all the lies and then jumping up and replying to his lies with actual facts while he screams "ARREST THIS MAN!! HE HAS COMMITED CRIMES AGAINST MY FAMILY". That would feel so good.

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Thats what Im wondering. He knows how this next one can play out if he wants to be stubborn about it. Might as well pay it now before he gets his feet held to the fire and tacks on a few more thousand dollars. It wouldnt be right to run up interest for whoever is bailing him out but Im sure he doesnt care. If its coming out of his pocket then he shouldnt want to pay more than he has to. If he has "money waiting in the wings" for this next round, just rip the bandaid off and pay it off now. Be done with it. If he drags this next one out Im going to assume he doesnt have the money. It just doesnt make sense to not pay it right away no matter who is covering it.
The Ukrainian defence budget has deep pockets when it comes to bailing out their most important tactician

Troy Maclure

So easily forgotten…