WWAW Spiders?

Jim Norton’s Wife's Cock

Those breeches will stay open!
I fucking hate them. It's September which is spider mating season here, every night for the past few nights i have been Croc'in about 3-5 Giant House Spiders. They are fast too, proper scurry across the room.. about 10 minutes ago i just had to finger one to death because it was right in the corner of my living room and i couldn't get it with my Croc.

Jim Norton’s Wife's Cock

Those breeches will stay open!
They don't piss me off like ants. If I see one I'm gonna try and kill it but I don't give chase. We have an understanding.
I'll cross a football field to squash a spider, they are creepy little faggots. The only things i don't kill if they are in my house are Butterflies, Ladybirds and Bees.. i'll just shoo them out.

Brooke Shields

Patrick Tomlinson hates me because I am a woman
of them all can we agree 1000 leggers are the ones we want to see the least?

was over my new girlfriends and first time she seen one she called me over. I was all hopped up on sex energy, took my croc and gave it a 10,000 crit hit smack with it. Fucking exploded into nothing, no mark on the wall or anything. Like video-game gore that disappears.
I never exploded a bug before. I don't like squishing them or smacking them away, but after doing that it really is preferable

Troy Maclure

So easily forgotten…
I was having problems with homeless people pissing behind my store so I started raising an army of wasps back there and the problem stopped

I feed them candy



The Backbone of America
That's the most Australian shit I've ever read.

I briefly worked with a guy who had a hardcore stutter. The first time I ever met him he was talking about spiders and he was like "wuh-wuh-wuh-wuh-wwwww-wwwWOLF SPIDER" and I couldn't even help laughing straight in his face. I tried to hold it back but it just made me do the Chip Chipperson "TTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSSS" laugh, which is even more insulting, and then I couldn't stop laughing. I'll never forget it. He was trying like a motherfucker to get it out and he had to close his eyes really tight when he loudly forced out WOLF SPIDER.