there's 3 new faggots in town

Turry Fawks

Good evening cowards
I need to send Mr Tomlinson some harassing tweets to be seen as "funny" by you 40 year old milquetoasters.

Elisa's discord has a literal underaged swatter lurking. This Patrick Tomlinson nerd shit is skin-crawlingly tepid. Im hanging out here and missed out on people sending archaixx to prison for failing to register as a sex offender, nigga if I leave here you will miss me.
Just call us normies instead of trying to be qu'raint and mufti faceted


Nobody knows or cares who Elisa is.

You're the main character in your own movie and nobody is watching it but you.
Patrick Tomlinson is more famous than Elisa Jordana? You really went there you delusional echo-chambered by two message boards sasster? LOL