Terrible Nicknames Given to Women You've Known



There was a girl with big tits at school called Rhiannon, so naturally she became Rhiandes. Another girl in the year above had an insane body and was pretty hot, but had big teeth and a slightly protruding jaw. This guy in her year started calling her Monkey Features and it stuck. She probably still winces thinking about it.


Walter Gaggins
100%. It was pretty fucked up honestly, as funny as it was. She started shrieking and crying and hobbled slowly out of the cafeteria. It was like some shit out of an 80s movie.
There was a table of weird, smelly fucking losers who were always playing that Magic card game and Pokemon and shit like that at my school called the Butterscotch Pudding Gang. They were called that because like once a week someone would launch their shitty butterscotch pudding at the wall above them and it would splatter pudding all over them and they'd just have to walk around like that for the rest of the day. Movies would have you believe that nerds are smart, but these dipshits sat at that same table every day even though they got covered in pudding regularly because of it. One kid got in trouble once for hucking pudding and that was it. Imagine being those kids' parents and how fucking pissed you'd be if your kids were getting continuously humiliated like that and nothing was being done about it.
Me and some buddies used to call this girl ratface to her face. She wasn't that bad looking really. I feel bad about it now as it almost feels like adult me was calling a 14/15 year old girl it. I wish I could remember her actual name but I can't it wasn't even done in a particularly mean way more a young boys not knowing how to interact with girls way. It's one of the few things I wish I could go back and undo. She was pretty nice really


the $83,736.99 fugitive
There was one chick we would yell ANALRAM at because that was her name spelled backwards. There was also another chick we called frakentitties because she had huge tits and a massive forehead. We'd follow her around making groaning noises between classes.