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Seems nana is starting to descend into dementia

HH Brother

Equity or Die, funster. Make your Choice.

She responds just like her midget jew bottom, funster.


She responds just like her midget jew bottom, funster.
Where do you think he learned that gaslighting technique? Gaslighting seems to be the main tool of abusive husbands and child groomers also.

"Ohhhhh so I've been in business for 10 years but CM is a failure ... sure everyone fails in businesses for 10 years" Dude I said you were so broke that you lost your house, that actually DID happen. "Opie's selling his hamptons house so I guess you're saying he's broke too"

Sharia seems to make him madder than a gun hiding dani brand.


Imagine using a burner account to mock Opie because you don't want it ruining the reputation of your F/N account.
He's following and apparently very interested in my tweets, so much so that he DMs me when I don't respond or block one of his ball washers.

Mostly I post photos of him or stuff I found here if I'm driving or busy, he'll follow up with a paragraph about how I'm on twitter all day and couldn't possibly have a job. I wonder who he thinks is being convinced by his arguments.