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Seems nana is starting to descend into dementia


He must have searched twitter and found this guy:

Larry O'Brien

Sep 6
So don’t believe @midlandfunding when they tell you they update credit reports weekly. I payed them in full a month ago and they still haven’t updated my credit report. I’ve had to file a dispute to force them to update and they still haven’t done it yet. Don’t believe them!


But you are trying to make fun of Jim Norton? Lolz. “I’m poor and my credit is bad and I got scammed because I am an idiot…. But I think I will make fun of Jim Norton to try to impress opie.”

His response is related to an earlier post by Larry complaining about Norton Anti-virus popups on his computer:

Larry O'Brien


I remember when @Norton used to block pop ups from my computer. They still do. Well everyone but theirs. I now get about 9 pop ups from
@Norton every day. Doesn’t matter how many times I say no. I’m sure @LifeLock is part of the problem.
2:35 PM · Aug 14, 2023

So the old gal waited a month, stalking this boring old dude who tweets about Lifelock and Norton anti virus to start a fight with him and defend Norton's honor.

Billy Hollywood

I've been called shexy!