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Holy shit we have the green light for an MC Serch emoji.


Now say good night
I wonder too.

It really was one of the funniest moments I've ever been a part of. I remember watching the whole stream and getting bummed that he never read a comment, then the last fucking 3 mins he goes bananas. I remember frantically posting as he was in the middle of screaming and the thread exploded with laughs.

I wish we can see that old thread

It was great seeing this stupid ass losing his shit. I know who you are!

I also can't see someone put their foot up without thinking of him doing it in that interview for a couple of hours before breaking the chair.
I like the understated faggotry of this picture.



So how long ago was that? I could have sworn that it was on this incarnation of the forums, but was it the previous forum?

The post-Reddit years have been an absolute blur.
The Serch night? It was August of 2020. I'm certain it was a previous forum because I can't find it in my post history.

Uncle Floyd

I have to return some videotapes.
:serch_lg: :serch_sm:

Many uses for the new emoji. It can convey embarrassment of even displeasure.

It can also be used to just mock as well. It's perfect.

Thanks to @Lamont & Tonelli for doing a fine job cropping, thank you to @admin for making it all come together and making a mini version as well.

Now I'll stop before start blubbering like Mike Schmidt

It makes a threat, without expressly making a threat. I'm a fan.