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Cancer sucks. Best wishes to Dawn.

Nana cheaped out on Dawn's implants which has resulted in Warren's birth defects and now her imminent demise.
Fuck Nana.

Ha Ha Ha Holeee Shit!

I’m an old leather shoe with alcoholism

Thinking of you today, Dawnie. Thoughts and prayers, no BS. 🙏🏼✝️


What did you think today was going to be?
Breast cancer has like a 90+% 5 year survival rate now thanks to the billions pumped into research in the last 20 something years. She should be OK.


Just so we're clear, does this mean Warren is off the hook, or what's the forum guidelines right now?
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Dawn's always been a good egg in my eyes. Never heard any overly-political nonsense from her side. She went along with being Fezzie's "girlfriend." She seems like a sweet person just trying to live her life. I hope it goes well and she recovers with a clean bill of health moving forward.

Thoughts and prayers, no bs


Helping those 8 to 80
Cancer is awful because it has a will to survive, and replicate even after seemingly full removal. She’s going to survive. Hopefully she chooses chemotherapy as well if her oncologist recommends it, my aunt is going through chemo currently because the cancer returned and she didn’t do it the first time, and cancer gets much worse a second time evolution and shit.
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