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Brother Joe panhandles in Mexican taco joints

I stopped going to my local restaurant when they brought in live music. I don't want to have to talk over some shitty music
After over forty years in "the music business", Joe, with his basement full of guitars and recording equipment, is begging local taco joints to let him set up shop in the corner and busk for tips. It'd be way, way less embarrassing if he just stayed home, live streamed himself and begged for money online. I have the distinct impression that in his local stomping grounds, Joe is like the local retard, the weirdo everyone sees around and grudgingly tolerates because they feel kind of sorry for him.
This wouldn't be a problem for them, would it?



Because I was bored with homework
If I went to a fucking Burger King and learned walking in that Clapton had somehow managed to summon Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker from the afterlife to play an impromptu show, I'd debate whether or not to get my whopper with cheese to go.

If I was comped at Geranium and I heard Noel and Liam were reuniting for a one night show there, I'd probably give it a miss.

That's how undesirable Joe playing anywhere is, especially anywhere someone just wants a decent meal and night out.