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Oh, here comes Ray with his O-PIN-ION
Don't scramble eggs in oil, Ray, especially not olive oil. All you need is a big knob of butter, low heat, slow cook, never stop stirring. Treat it like a risotto.

I don't scramble, lad, over easy every time.

And I've never been a big butter user. Don't ask me why, Gosia uses it in EVERYTHING (and I still eat what she makes every time), but I never end up using it in cooking. Unrefined coconut oil, avocado oil, even ghee for me - but never straight up butter.

I'm an outlier, and I'm sure I'm missing out.
View attachment 122351“Giant cup of Black Rifle “murdered out” dark roast” but filled with some faggy creamer no doubt.

Also, those eggs are totally over cooked.

Lobster bisque on eggs? Never heard of that but I’m sure it’s no problem for an old queen that admits he’s got gout.
That looks like something I'd leave in the terlet after a night of drinking shit whisky


(Voluntarily) torqued boomer

Clean cooking surface, good spatula and one quick motion, don't hesitate
Or if you’re a bit nervous (don’t get nervous!) you can put a slash of boiling water in the frying pan as the egg white is setting on top, cover it, and steam it for like 1 minute or so. That’ll give you the same effect without having to flip it.



It died on the vine
Actually, eating in the morning is probably better. If he fasts all day and is remotely active, he'll burn off the calories better and, in theory, stay lean.

But Mr. Carbs With His Fats will just get tired from the hearty breakfast and pass out to Petticoat Junction reruns instead.
I've been fasting in the morning, makes me feel great and not eat so much in the evening, which is weird because I used to scarf down shit before bed.

In any case, I'd feel better if he didn't eat at all.
I think all these food and lifestyle tweets are Joe's way of convincing himself he's doing the right thing. Deep down he probably felt unsure if that sloppy mess was a good thing to eat for breakfast, but once he makes an expert style tweet where he educates us about the benefits of whatever dumb shit he's doing at the moment, he can bury thoughts like that and pig out with no guilt or doubt.