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APOSTLEGATE6 - Bomb Threats and Outstanding Debts

Norm works in mysterious ways, brotherman.

Mr. Manorexia

I'm sorry, who are you?
the one day I go out and everything is dropping at once. FAWK ! !

Good work all around, Niki should go stay at her mothers for the weekend as the pig is gonna be rutting all around the hovel tonight.
Naw, he's still riding that dopamine high from all the likes his 23 page tweet threads have been getting lately. Fatty will always focus on the ego stroking, it's the whole reason his fake persona exists.


remember to hydrate
It would of courthh dependthh on him having a businethh that had accethh to credit and thhome thhoft thhpot, but people ofthhen do. He'thh cheating, he gamblethh, he likely hathh an entry point. People all have push pointhh you can direct them to if you just pay attenthhion. It'thh remarkable how many people want to feel connected to certain thhings and who they let willingly into thheir livethh. I don't know him, thho the him I refer to would hathh to be a perthhon I've met. My buddiethh used to get the dancerthh in these dive thhpic gogo barthh to give them money to walk them to their carthh, good money too, 30-50 buckthh in the early 90'thh for 4-5 girlthh a night, it was hythhterical to watch their "boyfriendthh" agree to it happening on mere thhuggestion.

Eat your eclairthh!