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Actual funny things STEVE C did?


Still spreading the O&A virus
- Taking all Mondays off.
- Pendulum Remix Contest.
- His 'deep voice guy' and Ramone characters.
- Doing O&A promos that only involved women being beaten or raped or abused.
- Eating 4,000 calorie breakfasts and lunches.
- Stomach stapling then eating the exact foods the doctors said not to eat.
- Hybrid cars. Grrrrrrrrr. No no no no no. How'd your parents die? Razzle dazzle!
- Putting a fake guest on the phone and getting fooled.
- Secretly recording Master Po but doing a terrible job at going undercover.
- Wearing the gayest possible clothes to the office.
- Shut up for two minutes!!


Seigneur du Québec et du Minnesota
And in the end, I was right, he was wrong, and he was fired for incompetency before ending his own life. Steve's story is the one you larp onto me. Steve was the guy who couldn't get anywhere after O&A. Steve was the guy so miserable post O&A he hung himself.
This yarmulke nigger is following me around trying to set the record straight lol. We all hate you dude. Nothing you say is going to change that fact. You have a micro penis and you blew count pedo. Your mohel sucked your cock as a baby 😂


Seigneur du Québec et du Minnesota
OK? Steve hung himself for being a do nothing loser. Nothing you post next is going to change that.
I don't know him, what the fuck do I care? All I know is that you enabled the pedophile and mooched off him and annoyed me when the vampire treated you like his piece of ass for a couple years on the show.

Your life is a goddamn mess dude. You show me one piece of evidence that you have a good job or a girlfriend or even your own place. You can't because you're probably working at some shitty McJob, living with your parents receiving no pussy at fifty nine years old. Literally eat shit and die.