Why are all new cars shaped like wireless headphone cases?


The gunslinger.
Seriously, every car looks the exact same soulless piece of shit.

It’s been going that way for years but I went to a dealership to just trade mine in and buy something new but everything is identical and looks exactly like my current car does. So I’m just keeping it. I take care of it I just felt like an upgrade but literally nothing has changed in 5 years.


The gunslinger.
Remember when you could get awesome cars like this when you were young?


What do kids drive now? I genuinely can’t tell different makers apart now. It’s all am amorphous grey blob of curved boxes that look like iPads.

So bad.


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European cars still think in 20 years they will be 100% electric ( they won't but they gotta eat a giant dick first) so they are making thoughtless cars now just to get by.
American cars are the absolute worst, especially post bail out. No one wants to make a car anymore it's 1 SUV badge engineered into 5 "different" cars
Korean cars look okay but they have oil burning engines that they have to replace at a crazy level.
Jap cars and specifically Toyota is the only hold out as far as resisting the electric lie. They make the most reliable cars bar none but most of their cars are a bit on the boring side. Lexus has some pretty cars but I hate having to pay 30k more for the same car as a Toyota except for their sport sedans

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In a word, aerodynamics. They look like that because they have to look like that to get to the fuel economy numbers the government and customers demand. The compact fake SUVs are for total faggots though, you'd have to be a complete retard to buy something like an Escape instead of a hatchback. Unfortunately we live in a nation of retards and that's what everyone bought so there are very few actual cars for sale anymore, everything is a tall retard pod.
Another necessity where the price had increased by 50%...insurance same shit. The electric fraud is such a scam and people are retarded for falling for it. Producing one of those electric batteries is worse for the envrinoment then running a car on fuel for 10 years.

Not to mentiom no city has the capability to supply the charging stations to meet their own fucking goals theyre laying out. This is what happens when women are allowed to makw important decisons. Logic goes out the window for short term aesthetics.

Anyone ever drive one of these elecric shit boxes? Pretty cool to drive for 2 hours then have to charge it for 8...