What does your lineage say about yourself?


Powerword: Robert. Esoteric :35erist.
Welsh, Danish white euro shit mostly but recently found out theres a chink in my armor
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Dummy Gaynuts

Pookie-pie water-pig
Half redneck half river injun. I look like a tan chink like Charles Bronson. Monstrous predisposition to alcoholism from both sides, majority of my family are/were alcoholics. My ancestors were poor country cousins to Mary Washington and the Lee family. They've been in this country forever and nobody has made any money yet


Part Sicilian, part Greek, mostly Irish

I’m 5’6”, somewhat charismatic, have a full head of dark hair, and probably clock in with a ~105 IQ. Obviously I’m part Cumia so I look like a Tunisian knife fighter and am only considered white in the greater NY/NJ area (barely).

My Italian and Greek heritage overrides my majority Irish heritage. I constantly have to resist the urge to spend all my money on a Cadillac Escalade, custom suits, bottles of red wine, and Adidas bullshit.


"AnTi-swaTTing laws"
I am of exclusively Irish ancestry and believe it or not substance abuse is rife in both sides of my family, along with a litany of other mental health disorders such as PTSD, depression, schizophrenia, manic depression, ocd and tourettes.


I'm the problem, it's me.
Without getting into some “25% or 5%” bullshit my racial makeup is British, French, Irish, German, Italian (Do you understand why I hate them so much?), and Ukranian. I basically got every cucked European country imaginable. Why do you think i’m so comfortable with the idea of gay sex? Schinkle bout it.
i liked you better when you stuck to your comitmients to keep your posts shorter