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What a little snitch

Duxbury Dave



Reminder: Vincent D'Onofrio blocked Patrick
Jackie has fans of her own



No, sTlaker. It really wasn't.
Patrick is associating with a white supremacist!

holy shit i remember this story from when it happened, this is hilarious hahaha

edit: here is her with her man





...she served as the Lead Incident Response and Threat Analyst for the Biden-Harris Presidential Campaign.
Ms. Singh began her professional career in the U.S. Army, and first deployed to Iraq as a young idealist in 2003.
As a person with varied experience in technical surveillance, Ms. Singh joined S.T.O.P. due to her desire to help counter advancing threats to civil liberties posed by surveillance technologies. She lives in New York with her partner, their daughters, and a goldendoodle named Ziggy.

what a fluffed up new-speak bio for 1.2 retards to think she's important.
the street shitter lived in some commune in ny, did a glorified peace corps run in africa, then interned/ pushed papers at some info-sec startups
then some negress in the biden admin read her fluffed up resume, saw her skin was the color of shit, and hired her in a useless PR role
do you think pat smirked and got a little smug when he read, "cyber security hacker" in this fat pajeet LARP's bio after she DM'ed him?
I finally have some blackhaTs on my side, the stalkers are going to be doxxed and sent to federal prison very soon.