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Ungrateful boomer Cow


(Voluntarily) torqued boomer
This restaurant obviously threw Joseph a bone by inviting him to play for them at the spur of the moment. What’s he do? Go on his daughter’s Facebook profile and bitch about how they don’t tip their tips.

What a fucking retard. He should be grateful they thought of him but instead he just bitches like the ungrateful nigger he's always been. And it pisses me off how this douchebag acts like he's a real rockstar or something. Drop the attitude, shithead. You're an obese boomer on his last legs who still at 70 is mooching off his little brother. Be thankful that corporate diners want to hire you.


Oh, here comes Ray with his O-PIN-ION
I challenge you to a duel of "Solsbury Hill", Joe.

All your head bobbing, foot stomping and air chewing couldn't save you if you had weeks to rehearse. I bet you'd be fucking winded by the halfway point and panting like a Bloodhound.

I also doubt you can say "Solsbury Hill", let alone sing it.