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Trump multi-tweet


(Voluntarily) torqued boomer
It’s kind of hilarious. This is shaping up to be the biggest moment of Patrick’s life: finally, Trump may be indicted and go to prison.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, this being the high point of your existence. A multi billionaire who was the president of the United States and has no clue about a fat rube living in Milwaukee is going to prison, because you have been saying so for the last 5 years on Twitter.

Sometimes Patrick’s life really makes me sad.


It's a funny name.
You know what's great? He made that thread thinking it was gonna go viral. Tweet 1 has 25k views. Tweets 2-5 in the thread only have 5k views. So only 20% of the people looking at it even bothered to go past the first tweet. Also he lost followers. He was at 51,353 yesterday and he's at 51,340 right now. 13 people had enough of his shit and unfollowed.