Threats made by Boq (Boqoreh) Precision

Faggot Boqposter

The Alawite Assassin
Here he is threatening to dox me in dms. I was literally shaking and couldn’t sleep for 2 days because of the anxiety. Bless you for stopping this monster, stent.

Please note, although it has not been made known openly, I have been collecting evidence of Boq Precision's threats for several months now, including his latest threats against myself and my family. These threats have been made under his current and previous user names. These user names include but are not limited to child.,,, and Wigger.

Even if you think it is likely already known, if you have evidence of a threat made by Boq Precision against yourself or any other user, including implied threats of physical harm or online harassment, you can send it to me via direct message. All corroborating evidence will be treated as strictly confidential and not shared with the forum in any way, shape, or form.

Consultation with law enforcement has resulted in turning over all the evidence of not only his threats of physical harm, threats of conducting cyber-crime through third-parties, and the grooming of minors, but also his Islamist views, including his openly espousing violent hate crimes against the homosexual members of this forum and the general public.

Kept records of all his photos, aliases, recordings, and known social media accounts, including those he has not openly listed but which have been discovered, have now been presented as evidence towards discovery of his identity.

After lodging a complaint with law enforcement they prompted me to also file a complaint with the RCMP. If you are in Canada and have reason to contact the RCMP regarding this matter, I can provide a contact. I am not openly sharing either the contact or complaint on this forum for obvious reasons. Please note that anyone who Boq Precision has named as a member of his Discord or other social media channels has been mentioned in the complaint.

However, as I take the safety of my family very seriously, I will not be satisfied unless this matter is concluded as swiftly as possible. As such, I am offering $10,000 (CAD) to anyone who can provide an identity and it leads to an arrest and prosecution. My personal contact in London, Ontario will present a bank cheque to anyone local within Ontario if that is desired. Anywhere further afield and overseas transfers will be completed through your bank account of choice.

Some days ago, the admin of this forum and I discussed Boq Precision's posts about his hacking members of this forum. All matters regarding Boq Precision's threats will be conducted within legal requirements.
It's time someone said it.... this is lame as fuck and you're mentally retarded...


@Stent did you check his posts for edits?
very disturbing stuff
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Neither is set to exactly the same time. Imprecise is not his modus operandi.

It's time someone said it.... this is lame as fuck and you're mentally retarded...

Haha, "my little babies are gone". This place is so fucking odd
If only it was funny as well.

Okay, I doxxed him and his real name a few months ago.
If i see he's arrested in a few months/years then you're legally required to pay me 10k

Please DM me your real name to write on the cheque.


I don’t know if this helps but I believe he drives a 2020 Lexus.
Silver ~$5000 sedan. This helps.

Please try to refrain from posting in discussion threads started by Stent or addressed to Stent until your temporary restraining order hearing.
His crimes manifest themselves from compulsion.

Stent, I'm telling you, we're safer in the tree. Get up here. Bring food.
I saw this movie. Tree of Dreams. Kevin Costner played you.