The receptionist at every doctor's office (This is SO true!! 😂)

The receptionist at my doctor's office is the reason I haven't seen my doctor in like ten years. She's always been a cunt to me and my mother in particular. She kisses my dad's ass. The last time I was there she acted like me not getting a flu shot was a personal attack on her. She was like "you'll be sorry when you're dealing with the flu and getting everyone else sick." I'd rather have a flu and shit and puke for three days than feel like I'm 100% going to die the night I get the shot. I've only got it twice and it makes me feel worse than anything.
Same here. Back in the 00s my job was making a huge deal out of flu shots, and I stupidly agreed to get one. And sure enough, it worked, as I got deathly ill a few hours later. Never again.


Reginald VelPenis

Holee shit my garage door opener

There is nothing less funny than people who just fucking quote movies. I literally stopped hanging out with one of my good high school friends because he started quoting shit constantly expecting people to laugh. It actually made me dislike him. Just say something funny, faggot. It's not hard, I do it all the time.

My best friend (hilarious dude) quoted an entire scene from Half Baked one time as a 32 year old man out of fucking nowhere. It was like a full two minutes of me just sitting there cringing. I couldn't even look at him. I'm sure I just sat there staring at the floor looking pissed off. He was like "from Half Baked" and I was like "Yeah. I know."