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That didnt happen pat.


Chin single, staIker.
I love the overheard political conversations where someone is MAGA and Pat has to scold them and then everyone 👏. He's insane.
My favorite one was when he threatened to tweet what they were saying to his 50,000 followers and they stopped talking. As if they were actually totally embarrassed by their own beliefs and wouldn't want people to know what they were saying even though nobody would know their names and they would receive no blowback of any kind from it even if he did.
I bet he bores the shit out of anyone who has the misfortune to sit next to him.

Jonny's Locked Twitter

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Everyone with a job is in a higher tax bracket than Pat, but this is actually omniscient narrator Pat psychically accessing their W2s.

Regardless, this is not how paying less taxes works. If you're in a higher tax bracket, then by definition that means you pay more taxes, unless you're just committing tax evasion.

Rick people pay less taxes by lowering their tax liability, i.e. having less income, which puts them in a lower tax bracket. They prefer to have assets that yield a capital gain, which can be deferred and which is taxed at a lower rate.
He also doesn't realize the reason billionaires don't pay taxes is because their net worth is tied to investments that are unrealized and often illiquid. Hence why if their business fails they are flat out broke.

Expenses are routed through the business and written off, realized gains are offset by investment losses, so they truly don't make any income and therefore have nothing to be taxed. But he's poor and retarded so why would he know?