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Rob Zombie


never caught lackin
Granted, King Buzzo is a miserable fuck. Still some good stories. Who knew Rob was lip syncing his whole show. Not a bad director, at least Devils Rejects was good.



I am the crispy white spot in your soul
White Zombie were genuinely awesome and it’s such a pity their last album was the best. They really found their groove there.
But Rob was courted successfully by the labels it seems and it really blew his ego up.

there’s some merit in his first few outings. Educated Horses is pretty good.
The Remix album of Hellbilly Deluxe is better than the original.
But he sort of stagnated after he did those Halloween movies.
Why is it every album he titles now is trying to outdo Tom Wolfe?
And while his missus was a ride...nepotism can only go so far Rob! She’s not got much range! Nice pair of tits though.

(Al Jourgenson talks a bit about his relationship with Sean Yseult and run ins Rob in his book. It’s a good read.Him and Rogan were on OnA too btw)