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Rick Meltdown Audio

Same here, I think 2 beers at the most and he nurses them. Rest is whatever is free refills. I remember he once posted his receipt from a Packers sunday and it was like 20 bucks.

Pat sees going to Hooligans as not to drink but it’s part of his personality to be there. In his mind he’s a quirky sitcom character that WRITES at the Bar! Whoa! How unique! Not realizing he’s just a creepy regular that they can’t stand because he posts up at the bar (prime location) and barely spends 20 bucks while sitting there for hours. He has them plug in his laptop for a reason, he’s staying for a while.
His fantasy is a plaque that memorializes the barstool from which his masterworks were birthed. Hard drinking, devil may care author who produced gold despite his alcoholism and hard knock life.


No staIker. I lie not at all.
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He's still going on about this guy. Rick, he clearly wasn't advocating you shooting cops with an AR15. He's just saying shit b crazy out there so arming yourself is important, which is something you as a gun owner agree with, retard. All it takes is hearing the buzzworthy "AR-15" to set off Pat's NPC programming.
God forbid anyone following him thinks Conservative Pat is actually conservative and unfollows. MusT. CorrecT. Record!
His response to that guy is so cunty and unwarranted it's infuriating. I'm so mad the jocks at his high school didn't beat him into a coma.

The thought of the abuse someone like Pat would have received in my high school is probably enough for me to jerk off to.


It's a funny name.

It's probably been discussed but he probably thinks he's "better" than all the manly AR-15 owners because he has those dumb bullpup guns. Just like he rides that stupid Triumph because he thinks he's embarrassing and infuriating Harley owners. It's so obvious, like he always says "every accusation an admission". It's one of the few times he's right. He's talking about himself and he thinks everyone is that way.


"Now put ice skates on dat bich."
Yeah. We’re the only people that know about pig. The only people who could have possibly done it is someone who would admit to it, AND also be a poster here. Definitely couldn’t be a lurker or some crazy guy from twitter.

Rick is known WAY more than all those people you named at this point. Nobody knows who the fuck Andy Cumia is unless you start talking about Opie. We’re the only people who know about any of them.

Don't forget record of his first faggy cries of victim hood and false evidence started when he was a little fat child who stole an ace bandage by smuggling it out his butt hole at a doctors check up.

He would later wrap his arm up and squeal, whine, and cry to any teacher/adult that bullies broke his shoulder because he outsmarted them.
But he also fought off all 10 of them by himself and got the final punch because his dad sucked cowboy dick an tought him and his brother how to shoot


The Dutch are FAGS!!!
His fantasy is a plaque that memorializes the barstool from which his masterworks were birthed. Hard drinking, devil may care author who produced gold despite his alcoholism and hard knock life.
The Patrick S Tomlinson author tour where 22nd century students visit the haunts and locales of the famed author of Hush, required reading in the People's Republic of America schools. They see where he fell charging nazi lines in the War of Black Trans liberation, and on April 18th the whole nation of brown people pause to remember this talented saints birth on a humble farm and his struggles against nazi terrorists.


Why is this not spelled foook


The Lizard King
He could have been a great heel. He was pretty funny at times earlier on when I thought he was being ironic. Turns out he was just a bitch in real life. He is rich as shit wtf was he doing.

I think a lot of that is also CTE and repeated head trauma. He’s lost impulse control, if you watch his early persona he was a dickhead but he was witty and funny, he was sharp. He isn’t anymore.

I don’t think paddy the baddy is his successor, either. He hasn’t got that acerbic wit and I just don’t think he’s championship level ability, but whadda I know?