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Post funny shit from da old sub : Official Thread.

Mr Ass

images that would blow Joe Rogan's mind where always funny.
Hello gentlemen. I used to follow the subs around before you moved over here, so I don’t have much. I saved all of this stuff around 2018. I used to have a drawing of Sam as Pennywise, but no luck in finding it. Sorry if this stuff as already been posted.


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How does that feel?!
Hello gentlemen. I used to follow the subs around before you moved over here, so I don’t have much. I saved all of this stuff around 2018. I used to have a drawing of Sam as Pennywise, but no luck in finding it. Sorry if this stuff as already been posted.

anyone knows what happened with that clay cumia creation ? I sort of have memories of that process being documented but don't recall ever seeing a finished photograph.