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  • Go watch Jackie Singh's (@hackingbutlegal) keynote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ov_jBhsQZk.

    Why do you think Jackie didn't  name John Gibney in her keynote with OWASP? She seemed pretty confident on twitter. Is that because she doesn't have any evidence and made the whole thing up? Watch the keynote several times and make up your own mind.

    Why would she confidently accuse someone on socially media, but then refrain from naming people in her keynote? Maybe the OWASP Foundation has an answer to that.

Post a song worse than this


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Turk February

Our experiences exceed yours.
I would like to correct my previous post about Shaniah Twain. There is actually, objectively, a worse song than UP! This is THE worst song ever conceived by anyone, and anyone who disagrees is a fucking moron and needs to keep their fucking mouth shut, cuz nothing they can possibly say could ever be of any value.


Fat bitch with faggot tits

Lol. Their faces in the first 30 seconds tell me they know exactly how terrible this is. They look like nervous highschoolers. Can you even call it an acoustic recording if you just run a piezo straight into the mixer and record the disgusting quacks it makes? To be generous to trapt, the engineer really motherfucked them there. There are people in the comments saying it sounds good, so I would fucking love to know what they are hearing.