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Owen A. Forms Presents: Let's Get Retarded


Clog Wog World Order
Damn this was good. Had it on reply during today's cardio. Fawking pumped up!
Going to the gym and eating better?



Professional leech since 1994. Anyone can do it.
The one thing I like about this infighting is that it has forum users each other of being like Pat.
"You're a Pat."
"No, you're a Pat."

Even though I like Dan, he is being a Pat in a lot of ways:
  • Thinking that the fact that he is using his real identity (sort of) makes him a tough guy.
  • Calling anonymous forum users incels who live in their parents' basements (this is verbatim Pat).
  • Using signal phrases like "friend of the show" and the royal "we" to appear more legit and like he's part of a special club.
  • Flexing his status on others by hanging up on them or shit-talking them when they're not their to defend themselves (this is like Pat blocking people and then continuing to respond to their tweets).
  • Disproportionate reactions to people making fun of him.

  • Grinds black babies into pepperoni

Dan's Pepperoni Emporium™


Hey man. Long time, first time..

before you disappear again can you post the payquasi.com video that you deleted after like 2 days? I never backed it up.

also how’s the marathon training going?

I’ll take my answer off the air.

I had to stop marathon training because I got a promotion/better role at work and had no time. Was doing 12 hour shifts at work to learn stuff/stay ahead. Felt bad quitting my running.


Clog Wog World Order
don't even know what you were going for here, OP. Insulting the resident cool woman on the board isn't a good look to begin with, and this was a very low effort attempt at doing so.

Hey, we all have our duds. Come up with something better next time.
This is your second strike. One more retarded, unwanted post today and it's into the incinerator for you.