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No Joe-posts in almost two days. This is unacceptable.

This should hang in the Louvre.



Helping those 8 to 80
My favorite thing about Joe is he still refers to himself as brother Joe. With the way anth has melted down, and his name became even more toxic (celebrating dead black children on X) not allowed at the comedy cellar, or siriusxm, etc you’d think he would try to distance himself professionally so he could get actual gigs, but brother Joe is that dumb.


My profile name is the same. My username is right here...

I tagged so many people in this one.

My profile name is the same. My username is right here...

I tagged so many people in this one.

Follow opie radio and share these with the cumias and cumia ball washers who are desperately trying to get opie’s attention

Jenna's Post Rater

#1 Jenna Post Rater
That fucking gucci fiat seatbelt is so goddamn gay. And nice hat 9 months war hero.
It took way too long but I'm glad we finally did get his records, even though it wasn't during peak JoePosting and we couldn't shove it in his face.

To think back on reddit it probably would have be considered an invasion of privacy going too far