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I’ll have to watch this but i love this comment:

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Yes people, especially politicians, aren’t typically consistent. Jefferson was against a standing army but established West Point. Jefferson was against a strong federal government yet used those powers to acquire Louisiana. Jefferson criticized Adams for the Sedition acts yet largely continued them in office but on a more “controlled” scale to not appear despotic. Not to mention he might have killed a dude who was going to testify against him, Epstein style. Who would that dude be? Oh why it wouldn’t happen to be the guy who first wrote about the Sally Hemmings connection.

It's possible that Callender had made a lot of enemies due to being a giant faggot. I'd give the J man a pass though. Fellow redhead and all.

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This fellow has convinced me that you're full of beans!

Watching this video i cant disagree with it, and it’s interesting, but some points:

Saying Sally was childlike so “Jefferson, one of the most intelligent men, could not be attracted to her” is hilarious lol. When did genius stop you from being a pedo? He also makes a point that Jeffersons brother was a widower and more likely to father children with Sally. This makes no sense considering when Jefferson had taken Sally to Paris he too was a widower.

“If Sally wanted to stay in France, why would Jefferson beg her to come back when it would destroy his career if it came out?”
That just proves the point as well. Its indisputable he asked her to come back, and he did that because he “loved” (fucking) her. And the scandal DID come out before, during, and after his election to President. It was a blip, especially when the news at the time would call Adams a tranny with no evidence. Sure Jefferson had other slander thrown at him but fathering a octodroon is pretty bad. And he made it out of that.

“They would call him Uncle Randolph”
And does that not imply Jefferson is the father if Randolph is Jeffersons brother?

The sources and origins of them are very interesting and compelling this guys logic just sucks.

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And its not hard to believe considering we had two more Presidents, Cleveland and Harding, father illegitimate children while in the White House (and both were women of questionable age)

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