@Mustard's affectation: Repost your funniest bit for judgement

Harry's Manly Calvester

Wetting Zoomers since 2023
Be funny! I'll copy your bit cause someone told me to!!

Seriously you're a turbo fag. You ran Boq posting into the ground and made it an autistic, kiwi-like endeavor, all it used to be was some funny photoshops of Boq's teeth and mocking him for being a know-it-all cunt Muslim as well as a confirmed pedo. You can't even piss him off anymore cause no one likes you or respects you, stupid. Now all Boq posting is is you exhaustively and pathetically vying for Boq's attention. I never made a bit gay and unpopular my entire time posting on here. That's your accomplishment.

Now say thank you to chocolatehellhole for paying for you to gay up the board, Kiwi.
It's accurate that Boqposting pre and post Paul was different, but slight correction shopping boqs teeth was a post Paul bit

Also bullying Minaw for a couple days until he said my bit wasn't working and then never returning was pretty funny. It's literally the last comment he ever made.
It just a coincidence he died from ass cancer right after posting that


Yoon…that was the troll. Again.
When an unlikable force meets an unremarkable object
That got me


Harry Powell

No I realized you’re a faggot from that hilariously embarrassing screenshot of you mentoring @Harry's Manly Calvester. I want NOTHING to do with that gay ass dm chat

Car crashing is good enough to make you make a thread about me, I had to figure what would do it and that was it. You’re so transparently retarded lol

Mentoring? Gay DM chat? Pls post screenshot