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Just had a Miky Way


Because I was bored with homework
I hear UK Milky Ways dont have caramel and are basically a 3 Musketeers.
The UK Mars bar is like a US Milky Way


What does everyone put in their blizzard when they go to dairyqueen for a little treat? 🤪
The only right answers are butterfinger, heath, and snickers #ruizing
Do you ever get an itchin for some icecream, get excited kind of , cheat meal :LOL:,lil bit lil bit,
Then you show up at the mcdonalds or sonics or wendys and there’s a 17yo thug F/N working the machine?
Kinda takes the wind out of the sails of what would’ve been a perfect night

Wwaw with going to mom and pop icecream parlors?
Brb let me get some $12 goyslop at kikestone or kikeson robbins instead of a nice soft serve from the 80 yo grandma for $2.
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