Joseph Cumia is livin’ large


(Voluntarily) torqued boomer
Looks like the bow legs and guy have made a strong return



Nice crowd, stupid


Abe "Penis Pete" Vigodavich
just watched the vid, Joe sounds amazing. It does make me miss Gene though, they made amazing music together and had great chemistry. I wonder why Brother Joe doesn't use his edge guitar anymore? Are these worth a lot of money?

He does (or did) have a legit Gibson Korina Explorer but that one in the picture is a Hamer which were always the pieces of shit I'd see in pawn shops when I was a kid.
Looks like the bow legs and guy have made a strong return

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Nice crowd, stupid
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It's so funny how by anyone else's standards, this is the absolute bottom rung of the professional musician ladder, but for Joe, it represents a sizable accomplishment. He's spent his entire "career" in "just starting out" mode, and after forty-five years, dozens of guitars, accessories, recording equipment and "gigs", he's lurching around on a stage at the local Moose hall in front of a few dozen longtime neighborhood alcoholics. He didn't fall to wind up here, this is actually a step up for Joe, and that fact will never not be hilarious.