Is Nana even good at call of duty?

His last big meltdown I watched him unload an entire magazine into the side of a house, rage about "Why didn't that hit him?!", follow the other guy into the house, was so drunk he didn't realize the guy he was following was behind him to the left and then spun almost an entire 360 degrees to the right, dying as a result, and then proceeding to scream "MOTHER'S DICK THE GAME IS CHEATING!" for about 3 minutes and ragequitting because the game motherfucked! him.

Suffice to say he's not pro.


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You know, I used to really, really kick ass at one game... Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Hyperstone Heist. I picked up a Mega Drive on a lark many years ago, which it came with, and I'd play it to blow off steam.

I was terrible at first, but I got better. Then I beat it. Then I beat it again. Then I beat it on hard. Then I put it away. I had my fun.

One day, Steve is all excited that he tracked a copy of Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition down. He destroys me every single time we play, even after I learned the moves.

I didn't yell. I didn't throw a controller. I didn't attack him or the Telly. I just gave up. He won. I never beat him at it and he'll still jab me over it to this day.

Yet Nana keeps playing these games, keeps losing, and never improves. Every night.

I'd consider it sad if I didn't find it so autistic.


No he just likes the squeals of delight as sixteen year old boys repeatedly blast him in the face with their guns


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Even when he was a spring chicken (in his mid 40s) he was an awful player that would get shit on by kids. Also it was funny when Anthony and Jim would say “oh yeah I need some Xbox friends so please send me some friend requests. My gamer tag is youstink2” (bob kelly’s Xbox name)

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She's headshotted within a minute into the first round, funster.

Goes right back to the same exact camp spot expecting a different result.

Emblematic of his life.

Also worth noting that your average reaction time decreases a couple milliseconds each decade. CoD is a spastic ADHD game where most skills are irrelevant except being .01 seconds faster on the draw than your opponent or getting the drop on them.

I don't think the guy that sits still in one spot or whose hands shake from alcohol withdrawal will be the most effective.