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I’m wasted and just bought a $1000 warhammer 40k office chair

Hudson Margera-Hughes

Heyyyy, HELLHOLE ADLsters...
The only Warhammer stuff I know is because of Bolt Thrower album covers and booklets!


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You’re not alone — I have a 1k Kozik fiberglass Labbit stool. Bought on a whim. And don’t regret it. Mostly a beer stand when I sit on the real chair next to it. And company loves it. Whatevs. You do you.

Although I never got Warhammer.

Gay Faggot.

Play a REAL instrument, Millennial DIPSHITS!!!🤣🤣🤣
Return in a day or two , act like nothing happened, jesuspost, call Jenna a loser (even though he bought a literal CONSOOMER OMG LE GAMING LOGO chair. For 1000$.)
He can come back and do his schtick. It’s going to be very hard to overcome getting hammered, buying a fag chair, then telling everyone here you bought a fag chair. I just hope he seeks forgiveness from God for his homosexuality here.


asshole, for no good reason
If you can post proof of purchase Ill delete my account

You saw the chair and thought “this would be a good thread to make in off topic”

Until then, youre lying because you’re lonely and an attention hungry faggot.

Funny, I called out nobacon on his lie, he couldn’t provide a receipt, looks like a dumbass fool creating fake stories for off topic.

Coincidentally, @LeFleurNoire joins on the same day nobacon went AWOL, and is also a giant faggot.
Has the case been solved?
@Jenna how does it feel? You won.