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I’m wasted and just bought a $1000 warhammer 40k office chair

Dummy Gaynuts

Pookie-pie water-pig


NoBacon defense squad assemble

At least he can afford and has no qualms with blowing $1000 on a frivolous purchase

I know I’m a spergy mental case here but you’d be shocked how truthful I am about my real life.

I’m doing fine in life, I have a good job and I’m happy with my physical appearance / personality. I treat people well. I can spend money on stupid chairs and not care, I can’t afford 5 sinks but I can afford chairs at least.

I’m constantly consumed with dread at the spiritual battle we are all in. We’re being dragged down by those who dwell below and I know what gospel says about teachers, I must delete my account here and my social media and “cut my right hand off if it causes me to stray” but if I can make one internet stranger realise the war they are in, I will be vindicated.

I’m very drunk.