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How do I make a friend?


The 19th President...on weed

Can't get a girl because you're a racist asshole! Can't make a friend because you're a racist asshole!

Hey shit-for-brains, maybe try keeping your gay edgelord personality contained to here and /pol/. Then again, maybe don't. All these years on earth and you've made two friends, one of them treats you like Burr treats Anthony. The other is a convicted domestic abuser.

But yeah, Douglas. They're the boring fucking losers. You're the awesome guy. They're truly missing out.

You're more of an unlikable creep than Patrick. Let that sink in.
Why do you dislike Dougie so much?

Lamont & Tonelli

Brevity is... wit.
I'm lucky enough to have hung on to most of my close friends from high school, though we rarely see each other. I have three friends of 20+ years that live within half an hour drive, and we mostly just chat online. I understand your position, all my friends have kids and are mostly too wrapped up in their own lives, but that's a good thing. Everyone has their own shit, so I guess what I'm saying is get some shit of your own. I'm going to leave it there. Say friends again, stupid.

Flavia's Prolapsed Anus

"Flavia doesn't understand what sinks are"
Also, we're your friends
images (6).jpeg


sleepy time tea jenna is my hero
I started making fun of him first so I don't take anything he says seriously.

I'm not the bullied, I'm the bully! You desperately craved my affection until you fucked with the Don Dan's livelihood and I turned on you. You also take everything I say seriously because I don't throw vague "you're a Jew!" "you're a pedo!" insults like you do. You dear diary, I analyze and use your own life against you.