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  • Go watch Jackie Singh's (@hackingbutlegal) keynote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ov_jBhsQZk.

    Why do you think Jackie didn't  name John Gibney in her keynote with OWASP? She seemed pretty confident on twitter. Is that because she doesn't have any evidence and made the whole thing up? Watch the keynote several times and make up your own mind.

    Why would she confidently accuse someone on socially media, but then refrain from naming people in her keynote? Maybe the OWASP Foundation has an answer to that.

Haters & Losers will say The DMAN never warned his fellow Pests about the Opie vs. Luis J Gomez feud.... (O&A Subreddit History Lesson)


New York City

And yet, The DMAN was the only one, like Paul Revere... Trying to warn stupids that Opie's big plans for the O&A reunion in 2024 that Luis J Gomez was going to fund, in part, had been thwarted by Luis stupidly thinking that he ran the show. And Opie the perfectionist trying to keep things on track.

This is yet another case of sour grapes on behalf of Stupid Luis J Gomez, who is angry and upset that Opie doesn't let him steal from his ideas constantly AND let him bash Opie on twitter... Sorry Luis, you don't get to attack the guy if you mimic all his shit, and do it poorly.

O&A didn't want Big Jay, plain and simple. Luis was never even a thought to be on O&A, until Bob Kelly put him on his podcast. Which The DMAN really never listened to, by the way. This is all peripheral knowledge of these bags of waste during the /r/OpieAndAnthony days... They were doing shit while we were ignoring them. That sums it up.

The DMAN still remembers the VERY FIRST day that Cum Town started, and was posted. The DMAN put it on for half a second after someone (Stinks?) posted it with high praise for Nick Mullen.... Like The DMAN said... He listened for half a second. Low energy, quiet, shitty levels not worth suffering through. LOS is much of the same despite 2 or 3 solid moments in the show's history.

LOS has been around HOW LONG? Literally 2 months before O&A ended. That's 9 years.

For perspective: 9 years into Opie & Anthony... Opie had already gotten them hired, fired, hired, fired TWICE -- made them BOTH millionaires -- And were already at the halfway point of their careers, signing with XM to go "uncensored." Which STUPID LUIS cannot do BTW, because he has to censor his faggot content like a good little boy. Play nice, now, little Stupid boy. Little Stupid Bully Bait LUIS J GOMEZ. And edit the Naughty Boy Language out of your pathetic copycat hater podcast of everything Opie invented.

Skankfest? O&A Animation Festival and O&A Road Show and O&A Travelling Virus all in one... Luis pulled a TRIPLE thievery IN ONE GO!!! He stole three ideas at once. Holy shit. These are the people who make their bones bashing Opie these days, by the way.

The saddest part is, The DMAN is so disappointed and honestly, Offended by this random Faggot snake like move from Luis J Gomez. Because over the years, we O&A Pests have had a very healthy relationship with Luis J Gomez. We have been blissful pals in jocularity, playfully ribbing one another for 9 years. We take our shots, he LOFFS. He decides to cowardly back out of taking shots at us, We LOFF!

And now he tries to pull this divide and conquer shit with Anthony on his deathbed??? Why wait until the body is cold, Luis?

For Stupid Luis to turn his back like that on us, and try to get Stupid Jim Norton involved by invoking his fucking name? Pathetic. Last time The DMAN checked, Opie never raped anybody. Norton however has raped drunk children, and Auntie Cumia has done the same. Good job picking your spot in history, Puerto Rican. Nice allies, PITBULL FACED FAGGOT.

One thing about Luis... We knew he was a Rattlesnake when we took him in...

Sue Lightning

hey, miss you!
I have a feeling this entire thing was orchestrated by the DMAN, being our Vince Mcmahon or even more fittingly OPIE setting up tha bitzzz….Do we even know who Luis responded to? Hint: DMAN alt. DMAN has had the Opsters ear warning him that eventually Gomez will shit on him…The quanspiracy goes so deep I even heard Bro Joe never handed the tape to Opie…he handed it to an unidentified black trucker, who Opie mistook for Joe. Who do you think that was?


Opie had to get hired and earn his airtime, which he did repeatedly for decades. What he couldn’t do was record shows with his friends from a couch in a one bedroom apartment until they finally attracted a fan base.

Opie had to build a fan base and draw ratings pretty quickly after signing, and again after being forced off the air for multiple years. Oh yeah, then he also had to draw them to a platform behind a paywall.

Opie couldn’t help but be a ratings machine in an industry that has an extremely limited number of open slots, is heavily regulated, and cannot be done at your convenience.


The final battle of Owen A Forums.....
Delusions of grandeur...