Flew in a Helicopter today

Lamont & Tonelli

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ninkaas ayaa la qarxiyay taasi waa qosol
Well the weather was torrential so I couldn't play Dolphin Head this morning, so I went to the Harbor Town clubhouse and had a great breakfast, then wandered the halls and bought way too much stuff at the Pro Shop. Might get on the ocean course tomorrow, but the old ball and chain doesn't want to come with, and the nephew is busy with his own tourney. I'll be coming out here next summer so there's no rush.

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Hudson Margera-Hughes

Heyyyy, HELLHOLE ADLsters...
Flew in one to Catalina one time. Pfg. Vurry stable but landing them seems like the hardest part
Went up in a helicopter once overlooking the city at night... Was PFG. When we landed we were talking to the pilot (Vietnam Vet who flew birds in The 'Nam) about the war and asked him how much would it be to get a legit war bird ride that would make us puke?! He just stared at us for a few seconds and said something to the effect of "If you wanna puke, stare down at the bottom of a bottle of Jack." 🤣

Clearly a PTSD Vet with a lifelong alcohol addiction. Don't blame the fella though. He was piloting one of those birds from the Full Metal Jacket scene... "How do ya... Shoot women... Children?"
"Easy! Ya just don't lead 'em so much!"