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Ever wanted to see Nana, Flat Broke Geno and Chriffie Mayuhr do standup for 3.5 hours? Now you can!


I was only jokin'
It's a benefit show for a fucking Masonic Lodge.

Does this mean Nana's a mason or is that normal for these lodges to host shitty z-list comedians? And why would he be doing a benefit for one? He used to talk about FOP cards getting him out of tickets, so it wouldn't surprise me.

Ha Ha Ha Holeee Shit!

For a borderline homeless alcoholic he does have a hot girlfriend so I’ll give him that. She used to go on Kevin Brennan’s podcast a lot back in the day and she seems mentally unhinged which explains the Geno thing.
I used to think she was kind of hot aside from having absolutely no breasts. But hanging around Geno and Chrithie Mare has put some heavy mileage on her.

Fucking her must feel like banging a rack of baby back ribs.


Oh, here comes Ray with his O-PIN-ION

Nothing says comedy more than a rundown, decrepit old sports club venue that hasnt been renovated in over 13 years. Nice 20 year old promo pic too, Anth

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"Meet a Date Rapist, a broke balding leech, and a loud bitch that you can score if you're carrying a bump on ya! ALL FOR CHARITY! THEIRS!"

I'd rather walk into Stonewall wearing a kilt.