Dovid turning the screws

No can do, idiot. I have other projects in the bin right now.

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Them boys would fly in the mud over my house
Ok I'm seriously done lol, I have no real ill will towards you, it's just 14 years of pent up typical angry OnA fan shit. I actually liked you a lot on Uninformed. And most of your OnA shit where you weren't arguing. But my advice for online criticism stands, here I get because it's a literal topic devoted to you but in the wild it looks a bit petty and immature to have to defend your name to every nobody who says something shitty. I can't relate though so who knows? Maybe I'm just a douche too.

Best of luck Ben Dovid ;)
Faggot. We should have admin delete your account for being sucha queer.



I Am Racist Man Leader of the Digital Ku Klux Klan
I did? What did I say?

Um. No.

lmao, more horseshit.

Aight, for a sec I thought you for real.

You realize I can still pull my emails to Lazlow, right? Give it up. Your shit is just dumb already.
Then pull them, faggot. Show some actual proof of anything and maybe someone will believe your self serving side of the story. Also nothing that happened between Opie and Ant would have been privy to unless your butt buddy ant did exactly as described in this version and told you about it