Does anyone actually feel strong support for either candidate in the upcoming election?


I’m at my least enthusiasm for Trump this election cycle, but I’ll be voting for him.

Besides the fact the Democrats are the party of rainbow haired faggots I’d love to see gassed by ‘project 2025’ or whatever other fear mongering they are peddling, I do think Trump would be better with Russia than the Democrats wanting to inch us closer to war with Russia.

Honestly if I was the Dems, I’d keep old pudding head on the ticket and throw this election. I’m no Milton (or even Marty) Friedman economist, but seems like something has got to give with the economy in the next few years. Hope for a deep recession, a nigger Floyd or 2 getting gunned down by a cop, and come back hard in 2028 pushing whatever further left shit.

Dog Eater

Apartheid is cool.

Can anyone tell me what the fuck Trump did for the last 2 years of his presidency? It seemed like once he split with Bannon it all went down hill.

Meanwhile Pedo Pete is out here pouring billions into a shadow war with Russia.

I’m also not gonna fedpost today but I’m THINKING IT.

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