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Christina Ricci

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Clog Wog World Order
I think that Jenna Ortega has seen some of the depravity. You can see it in her eyes. I do not know why anyone who loves their child would want them to be in the entertainment industry.
She's got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes.


A victim of the modern age, poor, poor girl!

(Dan, figure those references out yourself, you dumb fuck)

The Midnight Storquer

Hard dicks, daddeh
"We bullied this balding, overweight, mongoloid looking retard off a forum because he insulted Christina Ricci and Lucy Lawless, this forum is dedicated to a radio show that hasn't been on the air for 8 years now, wanna fuck?"

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‘“Hey chick from Paramore, wanna suck my dick? I’ll eat your coochie in return”

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That Chick From Paramore has a real fawken attitude

But anyways, I get all my inspiration from Rammstein videos + red wine

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