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So it was in Kitty's nature.png


Kill a commie for mommy, awright
Cats are cool but they can be assholes. We had a random Tom cat show up and the fucker killed like 5 kittens. I was finding random kitten body parts around the yard for a week. Won’t see him no more


The Backbone of America
Dumb women on my town Facebook group keep stealing peoples' cats and posting about it like they did a good deed and other dumb bitches pat them on the back for it. They'll post a picture of a fat cat with a collar on walking through their yard and ask if anyone has lost a cat, like people don't let their cats outside, then they'll post that they brought the cat inside. Then they'll post that they took the cat to the vet and it wasn't chipped so it's now at animal control. "I unfortunately couldn't keep her because my doggos kept attacking her lolol".

So what clearly happens is, some old person who doesn't use facebook lets their companion out, it walks around the corner and sits on some dumb cunts front step, the dumb cunt prevents the cat from going home and the dumb cunt has the cat put in animal prison. Good job, dumb cunt. You're ruining lives.

It's happened multiple times. The Facebook group trend going through the town a while ago was these dumb cunts would see a cat that got hit by a car, move it off to the side of the road and wrap it in a blanket and post about it with a bunch of crying emojis so the family can come pick it up. So when a some emaciated street cat gets peeled by a car, it probably had a family but when some clearly well cared for cat is chilling in a nice subdivision you should send it to animal control instead of just letting it walk home when it feels like it.

Some guy who lives outside of town like me posted on there a while ago because people kept doing the same thing to his dog. He has a chocolate lab that likes to walk up and down the side of the fucking backroad he lives on and every time some douche from town happens to venture down this road, they pick his dog up and assume it's lost when it's like two minutes from home. The neighbors were all pissed about it too. Everyone who lives on the road likes the dog and random faggots kept abducting it. They'd always be like "He looked cold and scared" and the neighbours would be like "No he didn't. He's an extremely happy dog and he'll approach anyone who pays any attention to him."


I'm a faggot for writing all that but I'm sick of retards stealing people's pets.

Slackjawed Cow

I laugh at them because they're all the same.
Had a couple cats for 20 years. They are great when they bond to you. Other peoples cats are a crap shoot. I dont plan on getting any more. I dont miss the cat hair and the litterbox.


For the last time, I am NOT Frank Grimes!
I dig cats. Know why?

If a cat likes you, it means something.

When a dog likes you, it doesn't mean shit. Fucking things would follow around your trousers if it smelled like you.

And they can't even fall on their feet! Hundreds of years of evolution, and for what? Why could the cats get it and YOU can't?

You drop a cat from a balcony, that cunt is gonna live. You drop a Welsh Corgi from there and congratulations, you've created a cripple.