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BREAKING: Oghenechovwe is in some deep shit in Los Angeles

Shaun Duke is convinced Peke is going for a green card, and will try to show he has a lot of "future employment" prospects:

Not sure if this is new info. I didn't follow the Donald saga very closely
hahaha this is great, the other guy IMMEDIATELY realizes the cost breakdown makes no sense at all and just blurts it all out. Paul reveals even his sissy low T brain can't be white-guilted into pretending this adds up.

they all know ooga was in the wrong side of the law all along, they all know he was TOLD this and ignored it, and they still signal-boost and donate to his crowdfund KNOWING IT'S A FRAUD! they DELIBERATELY DRAG OTHER POEPLE INTO THE FRAUD they are COMPLICIT because they care more about nigger-worshiping