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Bob Levystein attacks Kevin Brennan


"AnTi-swaTTing laws"
I was rooting for Bob to have a comeback because I felt he was a good contributor to the Stern show back in the day. I imagine he harbors tremendous shame over burning that bridge in a drug-fueled stupor. But the guy gets in his own way. Artie had pointed out numerous ways he could've adjusted himself and his behavior to become more successful. Which is fucking crazy but at the time Artie was on top of the world despite his best efforts.

And now he's doing 30 podcasts a week with that shifty cocksucker Shuli with a shit tier "network" that runs on an unsustainable business model. I thought him and KB were friends but given what a cunt KB is he doesn't really hang on to friends for long. Him goading Jimmy Martinez into almost going to prison back in the day was pretty funny.


Unrelated but I remember Kevin Brennan saying to Barry Ribs that he looked like ET cause he had on a red hoody lol
Here's the pic from that mlc