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Betsy's credentials


Beading for Christ.
Anyone who brags about having "a degree in Psychology" is just making themselves look like a complete idiot. It doesn't make you smart or insightful and it doesn't get you good jobs.

And having "a degree in Psychology" is soooo far from being a practicing therapist. A good 40-50% of therapists in the field do look like her though.

Jonny's Locked Twitter

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Nope. Betsy hates Milwaukee guys.
Replace dudes with niggers
Nope. Betsy hates Milwaukee guys.
And it’s so weird that these people never figure out that traditional men and traditional women, or at least people who aren’t psychopaths, end up in happy marriages with happy kids with a very low divorce rate with children who have high graduation rates and high success rates and a very low criminal tendency.

They even have to create this mythology about desperate suburban married people who hide their misery with drug abuse and infidelity.

In a way it’s a good thing that all of a sudden we aren’t allowed to shame people anymore. Now the weirdos are no longer close enough to the fringe that they can participate in a regular society and procreate. They are now so far removed from regular society that they will die alone.Within a couple of generations these freaks will be gone.